Where is Home?

Sitting on my bed now, looking out at the trees blowing in the wind and a blue sky that allows the sun to filter in through my ancient windows, I can’t help but wonder; is this home?

The answer is usually ‘home is where the heart is’, however, where is my heart?

I have no answer to my sudden question. Sometimes I feel like a little nomadic camel moving from place to place. Having lived in Dorset as a young girl some may say this is my home, however, I know that it is not. I don’t feel euphoric when I visit Dorset. There is no rush of excitement or one perfect exhale that allows all of the muscles in my body to relax. So no; this is not home.

My next stop was Scotland. Having spent many years in this Northern country I could almost say that this is home. I refer to it as that, with its rolling hills, curving rivers and emerald green landscape. Scotland was where I did all of my growing up; I made friends here, created a life and had a staple place in the community. I finished school here and learnt valuable life lessons, however, now that’s neither I or nor my parents reside here is this home? After my parents returned to Dorset after are many years in the ‘barren wilderness’ can I refer to Scotland as my home with no house on its beautiful land?

Then I moved to London; the large sprawling urban jungle that is alive throughout the day and night. University was calling and London answered. Here I’ve met life long friends, had dream internships and found my feet. Here my ambition has only grown. My dreams getting bigger at every passing moment and I feel that life is there for the taking. London is thrilling; one large adrenaline rush of people and work. I somewhat get that relaxing exhale I have always dreamed of; but not quite, not completely. I may call London home to those who ask. Alas in my heart I know that it’s not quite the truth.

I wonder, as I walk around this amazing city; have I found home yet? Is it possible that I don’t have the place to call home, as I haven’t yet located it? I know where I want to call home; an even bigger city with much taller buildings. You know? That city on an island beginning with man? But even if this dream home doesn’t exist there, I suppose I will find it eventually. A girl just has to be patient and wait. Much like you have to wait for love, I’ve decided to wait for my home.

So what I’m saying is that it’s possible to never fit in or feel safe where your family calls home, or where your friends call home. These can simply places that you’re visiting on your journey to the place that you want to call home. I know that while I’m close I’m not quite there yet. Home is calling me, but I won’t be able to settle in for a few years.


Intern: Day One

To start I had a tour of the building, shown the various desks and areas of the magazine from fashion to beauty, or news to features. My little walk also introduced me to the various ‘closets’ where designers keep all of their clothes for our various shoots! First there was the clothing closet, then the handbag closet and lastly the beauty closet (so much make-up and perfume!). Though I have to tell you all, the films lie there are no freebies in the closets. The fashion interns spend their days sending all of these samples back to the designers (literally all of their days) and the beauty closet usually remains locked…so no-one can have a sneak peak at the latest Dior or Chanel collections. 

To my day though:

Monday = Admin day. Starting with giving out post I preceded to envelope over 100 copies of the magazine to a variety of advertisers and clients. While these jobs may seem meaningless I felt part of a team, sat at my desk and listening to the gossip and interviews happening around me in the office. The atmosphere of the office was enveloping me, much like I was filling envelopes. 

As the day progressed I wrote an introduction for the online portion of Grazia, introducing next weeks copy, then I began to transcribe an interview with a famous actress (but I can’t tell you who). While to many of you out there this may seem like an awfully boring day…for me? It wasn’t. I was getting an insight into the world that I hope to enter after University. I saw how each section worked and heard so many amazing stories. This is only day one, may the next three weeks only continue to get better.