Jupiter Ascending

Sat in my seat, popcorn in hand, slurping at my diet coke, I ponder what this film could bring. Directed and written by the Wachowskis, those that brought us a cult classic – The Matrix. I won’t lie I had high hopes. 

When the film began with a couple meeting in Russia, the man an astrologer, discussing the stars while Mila Kunis narrates facts about Jupiter, astrology and her birth. This introduction had a somewhat promising premise, however, there was still a great deal of info dumping. The writing ensured that the actors spieled off a great deal of information in a short amount of time. 

I prevailed though and continued to watch a struggling Kunis clean toilets and attempt to save up for a telescope. Enter Channing Tatum, a half albino, lupine warrior on a quest to find Kunis for one of the Abraxis’. The story gets far more confusing. 

There are a lot of sub plots that seem to make little difference to the main piece, acting as a distraction and confusing the plot; Sean Beans daughter being one of them and Channing Tatum’s character’s past also not being fully explained.  

The writing is clearly what let the film down completely. With lines that were cliché and cringe worthy to bees being ‘attracted to royalty’ I was very much disheartened with what could have been a great film. The idea behind Jupiter Ascending was actually quite good: An industry that harvests humans to create longer life, and the struggle of a family with too much power and wealth who fight amongst one another to gain more. This seemed promising, the finished work, however, lost the appealing and somewhat original idea. Instead the film became muddled between a love story, infighting, space travel (a lot of jumping between family members) and lengthy chase scenes that did nothing more than highlight the good special effects. 

The acting talent billed for the film was astonishing which is why it is shocking that the film was such a flop. Sean Bean, Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne….The list really does continue. The acting was creditable, I very much enjoyed Redmayne’s portrayal of the villain (if not a little Voldemort esque), and Tatum… well he is Channing Tatum.