Christmas….and Ebola

Whilst we are gearing up for the most expensive holiday season of the year; Christmas and New Year, Sierra Leone has placed a crack down on any celebratory activity. 

With the Ebola crisis still on high alert the country wants to stop celebrations in the hopes of reducing the risk of the disease spreading. Sierra Leone is quickly climbing with the President of the country having said that ‘the crisis seems to be growing’.

While we sit down and eat our turkey, pull our crackers and open countless presents remember those that aren’t even allowed to celebrate the holidays for fear of a deadly disease growing in strength resulting in more cases. 

Mali have stated that the disease has now been cured within the county however, they are still on alert and don’t believe that the disease has completely vanished. 

This strain of Ebola is the deadliest recorded and we can only hope that these families can find some way to enjoy Christmas and pray that the New Year brings them better fortune. 


The Stars

Sometimes I simply look up.

For me, the sky holds my answers. The purity of what my eyes see is enough to let my brain relax, to take in the quite serene that sits above our heads. Balls of gas that float amongst the universe, watching us, watching the mere mortals play beneath them.

As a writer I find my imagination gets lost amongst these things of natural beauty. For hours I allow them to be reflected within my iris’ as I take pen to paper and write, write lines that may mean nothing when the sun rises but for a few hours hold my open heart.

Peace. I find peace among the stars and I find myself able to answer questions without thousands of outside influences. To walk amongst the sky.

“Stars can’t shine without darkness.” In our lives, when darkness decides to enter into the fringes of our minds remember this quote. Remember that you may not be able to see them when you look up, there may be a sunrise or set in the way, smog from the constant troll of a city or simply the roof of your humble homestead. The stars are always shining though, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they’re not there.

In times of darkness, remember your stars. The hope that shines amidst the horror of your day or evening, or year. Allow the stars to shine within you, to always guide you to a place of solace, where your decisions are your own and your mind if free of outside influences. To me, the stars are my sense of home, even when I may be miles away the stars see everything, they are my connection.