A Country

Some say grand,

others say land.

I say home,

forever free to roam.

From young we rise,

we learn how the land lies.

We are locked, we are trapped,

the way that the world’s mapped.

Ragged mountains protect us,

crystalline rivers flow through us.

Small but strong,

we invite you along.

Royalty dictate,

our small but simple state.

Kings and Queens,

their mischievous schemes.

Our people are loyal,

to those who are royal.

From marshes to stars,

this country is ours.


Oscar Pistorius

A man who was once named a sporting hero, a legend, an icon. A man who is now falling, he is crumbling. 

Over a year on from the fateful Valentines Day of 2013, the day Pistorius fatefully shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. He has now been found guilty by a court in South Africa and is awaiting sentencing. Will this quell the heartbreak of Steenkamp’s family? The answer is most definitely a no. Now finally having a sentence though not the one originally asked for, Pistorius will not garner a life in prison sentence as he was charged with manslaughter rather than murder. 

What caused a world-class athlete to shoot his girlfriend? 

Pistorius’ originally tried to tell juries and the judge that he believed he was protecting his girlfriend, shooting an intruder who was invading his home. However, the bathroom door was locked from the inside and how can you not notice if the person you sleep in the same bed with daily isn’t still next to you? I notice when my boyfriend isn’t there anymore. Even if I’m sleeping like a log I know when he’s gone to the loo or got up for work, your body and your sixth sense knows when that other person is no longer beside you. I wanted to believe Pistorius’ story originally however, I don’t think I ever could. He was lying. 

There was nothing but a fabricated fairy-tale being told from his lips and it made my blood boil. His story changed, he looked upset, and he played a part. He was no more than actor in a courtroom drama.

What then made him think he could kill someone? Has fame and fortune gone to his head. Did he believe that he could pay his way out of this mistake? Was it a moment of pure red rage that suddenly he realised there was no fixing? Celebrities and those who have a large bank account tend to give in to their emotions and sudden whims particularly quickly. Lindsay Lohan, OJ Simpson, Justin Bieber are to name a few. 

Would you take away, or strip them from their places of power if it appears they cannot handle the pressure? 

Reeva Steenkamp’s death should be a wake up call to all other athletes, models, actors, businessmen, that think they to can literally get away with murder. Money should not be able to buy everything, neither should power. I hope Pistorius receives a full, harsh sentencing. He should be an example. 

Reeva Steenkamp’s family will never have their hearts put back together; to them there will never be a justice that is worth the life of their beloved daughter. I only hope they can have some peace in the fact that he has been charged, yet, not sentenced. 

Washington DC


This photo offers a lot of inspiration whenever I take a quick glance. Earlier this year I travelled down the East Coast of the USA for a month with two of my friends. It was a magical time where I met a lot of amazing people and learned a lot about American culture. Having seen the sights on NYC and exploring Disneyland in Florida I still settle by saying, Washington was the place I truly discovered.

When originally planning the trip I added in Washington simply because ‘I want to see the White House’, who doesn’t? When we arrived though we discovered this charm and character that the place has. The people where friendly (which was a nice change to the urban sprawl of miserable New Yorkers) it was clean, and there was a patriotic sense that you never receive in the UK.

Walking from Capitol down to Lincoln Memorial there is nothing but Museums and culture on either side of you, it as though the heart of America surrounds you. When we finally (after three days of stopping at every museum imaginable) arrive at the Lincoln memorial, looking back over my shoulder the shadow of the Washington Monument falls over us. Turning I sit at the edge of the reflection pool and breath out at the sight before me.

I think of the last week I had spent in the city I had dreamed of visiting; New York. Washington was just a pit stop, New York was my main goal. Though while I felt the city was amazing I was a little disappointed, New York wasn’t quite the fairy-tale I hoped for. Washington though, lived and surpassed any expectations. I now know that at some point in my future, I am going to have to call DC home (and maybe hang with the president).

With birds chirping in the distance and school children laughing in the background I feel nothing but comfort. Relaxing I sit while the sun goes down and I pray I never leave Washington.

Far Eastern Farewells

I weep ugly tears of sorrow as we say our last goodbye,

Devilish delights mark the path before you,

As you leave me for Shanghai.

Why do you laugh and joke? You act a cool wise guy.

While now I must surrender to the emptiness inside,

We once loved and lived together, until you uttered goodbye.

I stand, only myself for company among the mirrors of Versailles

You would be right here with me,

Yet your life’s now in Shanghai

They all talk of you, this wondrous guy.

I see things differently, pulled and ripped apart.

Broken by that stupid goodbye.

Standing there before me, in a ridiculous white tie,

that smile playing on a face that’s too perfect.

As you told me of your calling, far eastern Shanghai.

Why don’t you take me with you, why should I just stand by?

As you push and pull at me, with not even one last reply.

I’ll pretend that i’m not dying, after that heartfelt goodbye.

All I have left to say is, why now? Why Shanghai?